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Freedom & Wholeness in Christ

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20 Mar 2017

Submission isn't a very attractive word in this generation. I believe a lot of the reason why is down to fear, painful experiences with past leadership, or lack of identity/worth in Christ. The Lord really wants us to understand the beauty in submission so that we can o...

25 Jan 2017

We currently live in a culture that is promoting celibacy without intimacy....with God. I mean there are 101 reasons to practice abstinence but our focus is swiftly shifting away from honouring Christ to our own agendas. Maybe part of the reason is because we are using...

6 Jul 2016

In this generation where entitlement and instant mentalities abound, its all to easy to grow discontent. Here are some quick keys to refresh and align your soul & remind you that if you have Christ; you have all you need. Be blessed!

1. Fully satisfy your soul in His pre...

13 May 2015

The power of hope...

Hope…something which should anchor our souls in Christ and sustain us as we await the manifestations of the promises of God. So, Lord, why has hope instead created a wound in my heart? Why do I feel so weak and helpless to hope in You?

I questioned an...

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