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Freedom & Wholeness in Christ

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4 Oct 2016

I felt led to publish this here, a word on my heart originally recorded May 3rd 2016. Be blessed.

A word on my heart for the past week or so is the word handicap. Sometimes as Christians we allow our comforts to become crutches. (Remember the days some of us couldn't go...

28 Jan 2016

As I mailed the blog & updates this morning to the mailing list I was led to share this word also:

Often times we can find ourselves doing something that worked before only to find it no longer works. This happens when we turn a previous instruction or action into a form...

23 Jan 2016

 Speaking of the process...

"He has made everything beautiful in it's time. He beautifies the meek with salvation. Those who surrender their plans, ideas & timescales to rest in His original intent. Those who recognise and embrace the unique expression of Christ in & thr...

3 Jan 2016

Happy New Year to all our readers & subscribers!

It's that time of year where we hear so many prophetic words of promise (The year of...). Whilst these may ring true for some or for the long term, I've learnt that January doesn't always bring a change in our personal s...

9 Mar 2015

 A word The Lord shared with me towards the end of February;

“My people are being taught behaviour modification; how to respond, how to do” (x…y…z) “ but I simply want them to sit before Me and be transformed by Love. Come into My presence and be forever changed. Become...

4 Aug 2014

Something The Lord pressed on my heart... Stop going through the motions of life, step up into His call for you.


Wake up! Brethren. How long will you slumber? How long will your bitterness hold you hostage? When will you refuse to be crippled by fear and doubt? When wil...

18 Oct 2013

"I was going to tie the rope around his ankle.. Until I realised the heart was not his burden, but his choice..." -Nicole Dennis


9 Feb 2013

This poem is inspired by my own struggle against having a victim mentality, and also by watching others struggle with this for long periods of time. Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control, and as horrible as these things are, we mustn't let them hinder us f...

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