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...A Prodigal Son's Road to Restoration 


Freedom Lives is a testimonial book, sharing the authors journey of falling away from the faith, getting caught up in spiritual deception & domestic abuse, to becoming a single parent and being restored by the unfailing love of God.

The book reaches out to those who are lost, backslidden, abused and broken and leads them on a journey of healing from the past, living in freedom and being purpose-focused and excited for the future.


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...Unravelling the process to wholeness


Have you experienced finding freedom in one area, only to realise you were bound in another? Have you walked through a season of healing with God, and later discovered a deeper level of pain? Have you ever wondered if authentic freedom and wholeness is truly possible?

The process of healing the soul is a complex one that Nicole refers to as “heart surgery”. It requires patience and perseverance as the Lord enters into our pain; exposing roots, restoring identity and healing the previously unknown depths of our heart.

Join Nicole on yet another healing journey, where she shares lessons and principles to experiencing true freedom and wholeness that is found in Christ.

Freedom Reigns focuses on healing from past traumas, facing the present and being equipped to continue in freedom. Learn about:

-Overcoming rejection, depression and other soul issues
-Personal responsibility in the life of the believer
-Misconceptions of freedom & wholeness





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Beautiful, real, challenging and soaked in the heart of the Father.

Freedom Reigns truly is a unique book that tugs on the heart of the reader to desire MORE of God and to grow up into the fullness that He has for us as sons of God (MATURE believers). The author's transparency is so refreshing and her intimacy with the Father is tangibly felt throughout each chapter. I've never read a book in which "heart surgery" is so meticulously unpacked, only one who truly knows the Father could write in such a way. Nicole is ANOINTED for such a time as this. The Father has taken her through a process and in this book she shares the principles she has learned with us all. Her tone is so gentle, yet her words are extremely challenging at the same. This book can't be rushed because each paragraph is packed with PROFOUND revelation that will absolutely transform your life if truly received and applied. God bless you Nicole for allowing the Lord to break you so that you might be a blessing to us all. The Body of Christ NEEDS this book! It is a must-read for our generation. 

- Torema Thompson

Pastor & Founder of Pura T International

Nicole is a skilled expert at matters of the heart. She is God-trained at delivering the soul. Rather literally, I was seated in Heavens school of freedom. Never have I read a book, that mirrored the residues of strongholds that lay in my own soul. With every page that I read, I felt I had been handed a toolbox which contained solutions to the issues that I myself, and certainly millions of others wrestle with.
The tools that God has given to Nicole are keys that unlock prisoners from captivity, and set the wanderer on the correct road. These are life changing yet simple and profound truths. As Nicole writes about her own journey to freedom, she leaves a trail of deliverance behind for her reader to follow. An act of kindness that leads others to appropriate their own freedom.

My stance post reading is this: I have a greater desire to become empty of self, and an increased willingness to pursue wholeness wholeheartedly.

Simply put; Freedom reigns is sensational.


- Kika Ashanike
Author and preacher