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True 2 You was first founded in October 2009 and launched in October 2014. We are a ministry called to teach, train and equip the Body of Christ through a variety of projects and community outreaches. 



Calling hearts to be Exclusively His

The vision at True 2 You is to see this generation restored, matured and walking in Truth;


  • We are seeing the effects of a generation of wounded souls, who have learned to absorb trauma and simply 'cope' with dysfunction. Yet in Christ, true restoration is possible. The Lord wants to make His people whole and is able to heal any depth of trauma. As we take responsibility for our healing, we will be able to be the unique, authentic expression in Christ that Abba originally intended.


  • We have seen a stagnation in the Body of Christ, where we as believers have not understood Abba's process of spiritual growth. Instead of spending years acquiring knowledge of how to modify our behaviour, the journey is one where we see Christ fully formed in us. The call of God in this hour is for believers to mature in Christ, not remaining as spiritual children but going through His process to become mature sons who know their Father intimately and follow His leading.


  • The Body of Christ is also being heavily influenced by the world and pop culture. We are called to be a city on a hill, shining a pure light out into a dark world. We believe in these last days we need discernment and must guard against all forms of deception and compromise. We are called to be Exclusively His — trusting Him alone, loving Him more than all else, and worshipping (obeying) Him above all else.


If we will commit to being made whole and living set apart for God, then the next generation coming up behind us will not be lost to the ever-increasing darkness of this world.



Building a library of resources

We therefore co-labour with Christ to teach, train and equip His people in these areas. We do this by:


  • Providing Resources: a variety of media from teaching articles, videos and podcasts, as well as books/e-books and devotionals.


  • Hosting Events: -

  • Running Programs: -

If you'd like to partner with us in this work, please use the contact page.



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