• Nicole Dennis

Victim to Victorious

This poem is inspired by my own struggle against having a victim mentality, and also by watching others struggle with this for long periods of time. Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control, and as horrible as these things are, we mustn't let them hinder us from living and loving to our full potential.

Physically, mentally, emotionally bruised.

Battered and abused, by those trustworthy in your view.

The pain, the scars, the injustice-

It's not fair oh no, it's not.

And now you're a million miles from the place you belong,

Because, my love, it's been far too long.

Far too long for the wounds to be fresh.

Too many years have passed, now put the memories to rest

It's time, it's almost time,

At the end of this set.

That is when you'll knowingly decide what will happen next.

Will you remain a victim, or will you become victorious?

Will you let the past become a lesson and a story, that you tell in order to set free,

Those who have been trapped by the same victim mentality?

Those who now are crippled,And strangled by regret.

Those who cannot seem to move past all the wrong done unto them.

I know it wasn't fair, but life is what you make it.

Why should they live free while you stay in this prison of hatred?

Chained by unforgiveness, bound by stubborn ways.

Dressing in self-pity you see no problem living this way?

It's time to walk a new, time to break the chains.

Time to drop the heavy load it's not yours anyway!

Never were you destined to carry, the heaviness in your heart.

Your enemy knows the power you hold, so attacked you from the start.

But no longer must you give in, no longer must you believe, that woe is me, look what they've done-you see you see you see??

You can't hold on to your childhood,

You can't hold on to last year,

You can't hold on to yesterday-

You MUST let go my dear!Let the excuses go, tell the feelings no!

Those feelings of entitlement will drown you- let it go!

For the sake of your own sanity,

A freedom filled with peace,

To move ahead to greater things,

A moment bitter sweet.

The moment where death occurs,

The moment where new life will emerge,

Leave the chains, lay hold of change.

It's nothing you don't deserve!

I will walk down victory avenue,

Because greater is he that is in me.

He has made me more than a conqueror, time to make this a reality…

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