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Discerning God’s Voice & Leading

Hey guys! This feature post has blended perspectives; from myself & my sis Torema. Might be a little longer than my usual posts so get comfy! Praying you are blessed as you read! Xx

After writing ‘Silencing Doubt’, I felt the Lord say to write this follow-up, because there sure will be times when the enemy speaks doubt to hinder your obedience, but how do you know when God is leading you to do something in the first place? How can we discern His voice & leading from our own ideas and desires? Here we share a few things that have helped us to know God’s leading in everyday life as well as the ‘bigger’ decisions we face. Before we share some ways of discerning God’s leading, let’s look at discerning His voice.

God’s voice NEVER;

  • puts you down/speaks badly to you

  • causes confusion or doubt

  • condemns you

  • rushes you

  • causes you to fear (the bad kind of fear)

The Bible says that the enemy is a liar (John 8:44) and an accuser (Rev 12:10) so when we are hearing things about ourselves or our situations that do not line up with God’s word we can be sure it is not of Him. As we grow in intimacy with God we will grow to know His voice and follow it, as Jesus says in John 10:27.

Discerning His leading

A few ways to tell of God’s leading:

Convictions & ‘gut feelings’- when Abba tells me to do something and I don’t do it, I can’t shake the conviction that comes, the Holy Spirit is witnessing with my own spirit that this is God’s leading. If I procrastinate on it, it always comes back to me until I have completed the task. Sometimes I have a ‘gut-feeling’ or ‘heavy heart’ which I know is the Holy Spirit leading me.

His Word – I think understanding that the written Word leads us is quite important. I mean, if you have a falling out for example with someone, and you don’t know what to do there are various scriptures to help you. You don’t need to be dictated to; the word clearly leads us in everyday situations if we would just read and meditate on it, and put it into action. Simple example, you know that you need to have a shower everyday; you wouldn’t ask someone if you should do it, you just know that you should!

His Peace – Torema writes: When Abba says something, I just have a peace about it. His instructions don’t come with confusion or wondering, but in the moment He says something I know it was Him. It’s funny because there are times when I can sit moping like “Oh Abba what should I do?” Or “I can’t hear you” but literally the moment He does speak He sheds a light on that darkness or confusion immediately and His peace which surpasses all understanding fills my heart and mind.

His Voice – We can hear the Holy Spirit in our ‘inner ear’, and as we spend time in the secret place with God we are able to more easily tell His voice guiding us throughout the day. (There may be occasions where He speaks audibly outside of ourselves too.)

Looking from a perspective of the ‘bigger’ decisions, Torema shares this point: I have actually come to realise from experience that when God speaks we will not miss Him. This is not something we need to fear. When He speaks we will know. There can be times when we may feel “unsure” but there are a few reasons for this (which I’ll share based on my experience);

1. He has either not said anything yet (so continue to wait until you have complete peace and clarity – He’s got to teach us to wait on Him),

2. It’s not Him speaking (it’s either the flesh or the enemy) or

3. We know it’s Him but we’re battling with the decision to obey (it’s this one that you have to be honest with yourself and then die to self and say “Abba I don’t want to do this but I trust you know best”). That feeling of being “unsure” though has nothing to do with “discerning” God, but more to do with submitting to Him or waiting on Him.

Confirming words & signs – God always confirms His word to encourage us and develop our faith. Torema writes: …He always seems to confirm Himself. Now that I think about it, He usually does it in a group of 3 for me? He may firstly speak directly to my inner man, then He shows me a scripture that confirms what He has said, He then will either speak through a member of His body or give me a dream/vision. Abba is not mean (like the devil would have us believe). He makes Himself very clear. How unjust would He be to judge us on something we were not 100% clear about. In the Bible when anyone was disobedient they 100% knew it was God before they decided to disobey. If your heart is truly to do His will and to be obedient you actually do not need to worry at all. That is actually one of Satan’s tactics; to make us think that we can’t hear God or that we will miss Him somehow. How big is God please? Now that I’m writing this I’m actually seeing how sly Satan is. We will not miss God. Yes, it is possible to run ahead of His timing, but if He has something to tell us, He will make sure we receive it and in a way suited to us. The decision to obey what He says is up to us, but He is very good at making Himself heard.

Godly Counsel – Proverbs 11:14 teaches us that “Where no counsel is, the people fall; but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.” Having people in your life that are walking in close fellowship with the Lord is always great in times where clarity or advice is needed. When you seek their counsel you can hear the voice/Spirit of the Lord when there is unity in the advice given, though you may have spoken to them on an individual basis. You also may hear something that just ‘sits well’ in your Spirit. Godly counsel really serves as an echo of the voice of the Lord in your life.

It’s important to step out as you believe you are being led. It’s ok if you make a mistake; nobody gets it right every time. If it is God, then as you step out He makes a way, directing your steps and the vision gradually becomes clearer. Most of the time, if you are genuinely seeking God & walking in obedience it is in fact God leading, but we allow a number of fears and doubts to hinder us from moving forward. We simply need to trust that we can actually hear God and discern His leading and step out full of Faith that He will shed light on the next step.

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These were just a few of the ways we know when God is leading us, feel free to share your own experiences or thoughts/questions in the comment section below :) Xx

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