• Nicole Dennis

Limiting Labels

Often times we fit ourselves into existing labels, not realising that that label will automatically place false expectations and limitations us, as well as distort our belief system.

For example, I am constantly labelled 'single parent' by myself and society. Now you may be thinking 'but you are a single parent' but stick wih me as I make this point. From this label people automatically expect that I would have to struggle through this season whether emotionally or financially. It can lead to limited thinking because you either 'accept the struggle' rather than trusting God to meet needs and wants, or you become obsessed with the worldview of 'success' so you can 'prove them wrong'. Its a label that truly becomes a handicap because it causes me to look at my circumstances and not see beyond them. Focus on the natural rather fix my eyes/thoughts on Christ/eternal things. People sometimes will instantly take on an unrighteous or negative judgement of me simply because of my circumstances.

Never let a label that identifies your circumstances, become your identity.

Abba is showing me to remove these labels of man. I cannot think of myself the way the world does. See the problem is, a label identifies you. So if your identity is attached to circumstances; your perspective, general thought life & belief system is going to be messed up! Our identity must be rooted in Christ alone! His power is limitless and His love is never-ending, with Him there are no limits and impossibilities! It may sound crazy or drastic to remove a label, but it's more of a simple mental adjustment that I'm speaking of.

So what label do you want to wear?

A wise choice in my case for example, would be to simply refer to myself as a mother. That label does not have a negative impact on my belief system, but rather identifies my role. My first label will always be a son and servant of my Abba Father. I am His & He is mine. This label does not limit me, and more importantly it doesn't limit Abba in me. This label causes me to believe that all things are possible, I am eternally loved, and The Lord has need of me.

Let's drop the limiting labels that simply identify our circumstances; we are not single parents or 'stay at home parents', we are mothers and fathers raising children in the way of The Lord. We are not 'Pastors or evangelists kids', we are sons of God being led by His Spirit and walking in our divine destiny. We are not 'unemployed' or ' divorcees', we are servants of The Lord and He has need of us, we are overcomers in every situation.

I encourage you to look at the labels that been plastered on your life.

Are any of them limiting your thinking?

How do they shape your belief system?

Are they causing you to limit God?

Are they limiting God in you?

Adjust the labels so that your mind can be renewed by the Word of God, and His purposes can come to fruition in your life.

Nicole Xx

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