• Nicole Dennis

Wake Up! -Prophetic Word

Something The Lord pressed on my heart... Stop going through the motions of life, step up into His call for you.

Wake up! Brethren. How long will you slumber? How long will your bitterness hold you hostage? When will you refuse to be crippled by fear and doubt? When will you trust The Christ in His people? When will you catch the wind of this new move of The Spirit of God? When will you decide to walk in that for which you were created? Wake up brethren! The nations are waiting! All of creation groans! Arise and Shine beloved! There is treasure buried inside you, a wealth that the poor in spirit are desperate for! How long shall they wait? How long shall you delay the call of God? What will you say when you stand before Him? That you did not believe? You didn't want people talking about you? You didn't want to look crazy? You didn't want to be different? Left out? Ridiculed?! Wake Up from your slumber child! For you are called to be a son! You were created for good works! Set apart before the foundations of the world. No longer shall you limit God with your self-centeredness! No longer shall you sleep on His dreams, His plans and purposes for you! I speak to your spirit right now WAKE UP! And let His glory shine upon you, let your mind be filled with the knowledge of Christ. Let your flesh be subdued under His Lordship! In Jesus Name!

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