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Keep Fighting... A short encouragement

Keep Fighting... “Beloved you have 2 choices. You can give up and get nowhere, or get up, fight back and lay hold of all that is yours in Christ. What’s your choice?” Often times the devil will throw things at you to pull you off track, pull your focus away from Christ and onto your situation, get you tired, weak and wanting to give up. He is very much always at work for our harm and downfall. But how blessed are we to belong to Christ, and know that the enemy has been defeated and we already have the victory! I just want to encourage you this morning, to keep pushing forward knowing that victory is yours. Keep pressing toward the mark, keep living to please our Heavenly Father knowing that your reward is one which neither moth nor rust can destroy. Keep walking in obedience knowing that His joy is your strength, and in due time your joy will be made full. Abba WILL fulfil His every promise and plan for your life. He cannot- shall not- will not let you down. Just keep holding on to Him. Sometimes doing things God’s Way brings ridicule, waiting on His timing seems crazy in a microwave generation...But rest assured that His Way & timing are perfect. He does not tease or taunt us by making us wait, but He Loves and moulds us into His image as we trust Him to deliver. Press into His presence where there is fullness of Joy. Press into your purpose where there is a need and a deep satisfaction. Press in for the promises by declaring His Word, and refuse the enemy access to your faith. Trust that it is well with you, beloved.

Nicole Xx

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