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Come to ME

A word The Lord shared with me towards the end of February;

“My people are being taught behaviour modification; how to respond, how to do” (x…y…z) “ but I simply want them to sit before Me and be transformed by Love. Come into My presence and be forever changed. Become One with Me. I will change you from the heart-side out. You will walk in unison with Me, which requires no behaviour mods. It will be Christ that lives in you, no longer you that lives. Come into My presence, let ME teach you. Let ME give you the patterns and strategies you need. Stop searching for Me via man, outside of My presence. You run to and fro but I wait in the secret place. Come up here, and I will show you great and mighty things. Come to ME.”

I believe Abba wants to take our focus off of behaviour modification, as He shared that with me I had this vision of a person running from one side of the room to the next and back again, looking for a solution whilst Jesus had quietly taken a seat and was simply waiting for the person to sit at His feet. If we focus on changing our behaviour then we become self reliant and simply ‘pluck fruit from a tree whilst the root remains intact’.

There are things we can do to cultivate the right atmosphere in our hearts, yet in all our doing it is by His Spirit that we are changed. Beloved, the more you behold Him, the more you will become like Him. You can’t change yourself, even moreso when you are so focused on your faults, and you can’t get to the root of a matter unless the Spirit reveals it.

The key to seeing the right behaviour or fruit in your life in found in intimacy. You see, we can change our minds about a thing, but only The Lord can change the heart. Go sit at His feet, beloved. Resources are great, but they cannot replace the source.

Scripture ref: John 15, 1 Samuel 16:7, 2 Timothy 3:5

With Love

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