• Nicole Dennis

Symbols of Beauty

Speaking of the process...

"He has made everything beautiful in it's time. He beautifies the meek with salvation. Those who surrender their plans, ideas & timescales to rest in His original intent. Those who recognise and embrace the unique expression of Christ in & through them. Those who patiently endure His process of beautification, rooting up & tearing down, building & planting, to the Glory and the likeness of the King of Kings..."

Speaking of gifts...

Do not look down on your life, gifts & talents and think little of them. For wrapped up in them is His beauty. Look at the flower, and butterfly, how they start their lives in simplicity but they are symbols of beauty. Endure the process God has for you, stir up the gifts & master your craft. His gifts in you cannot make room for you if you neglect them. Receive them with thanksgiving & enjoy the journey of discovery as you unwrap the gifts!

Speaking of faith...

A farmer does not plant a seed today expecting a harvest tomorrow, neither can we grow weary and frustrated when we do not see results instantly. Indeed we have been the 'microwave generation' but we must patiently endure and allow 'self' to die as God brings His promises to pass. Look again at the caterpillar and flowers, symbols of beauty that do not find themselves transformed overnight but over a period of time. Allow the Word to rest deeply rooted in your heart, and as it grows it will beautify your soul and bring vitality to your bones. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, stand on His Word and rest in His faithfulness. He cannot fail you.

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