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A Word of Alignment

As I mailed the blog & updates this morning to the mailing list I was led to share this word also:

Often times we can find ourselves doing something that worked before only to find it no longer works. This happens when we turn a previous instruction or action into a formula to be used every time. God may tell us to do something, or we may be seeking Him in a particular way thinking that it will produce a particular result every time. A good example of this is Moses in the wilderness with the Israelites. He was instructed by God to strike the rock to bring forth water for the people (Exodus 17:6), and then another time God instructed Him to speak to the rock to bring forth water (Numbers 20:8-13) but he instead did what worked before to get the desired result. Even though it worked on that occasion God was not pleased with Moses' disobedience. We must be careful to guard our hearts against creating formulas out of the things that have worked for us before, or the things that work for other people. God has made us individually and when we strive to do things as others do or exactly as we have previously done, we become like size 11 feet squeezing into size 5 shoes. We bring into our lives pain (from disappointment or perceived failure), frustration, weariness from striving and limitations. Be encouraged, inspired and spurred on in your walk with Christ by the lives and examples of others whilst remaining in His perfect Will for your life. As we begin to close this month and enter February, begin to re-align yourself with God's plans, purposes and timing for your life. The word on my heart the past couple of weeks has been 'His original intent'. God wants to bring us into His original intent for our lives and for our current seasons. For everything we are to learn and accomplish we must lay aside the weight of comparison, of formulas, or disappointments and discontentment and accept His original intent for us. Father we pray for every aspect of our lives, Lord that You would bring us into alignment with You, that we will stop trying to go back to old patterns and formulas, that we would stop looking to the left and right and adjusting to others but fully adjust to Your Word to us this season. Bring us into Your original intent for us, a life of abundant Joy, Peace, Clarity of vision, Freedom, Wholeness and contentment in You. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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