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From Prodigal to Proved Pt.2

This post is looking at the process of restoration for the prodigal son - going home is but the first step. Read part 1 here.

One morning as I was washing the dishes the Holy Ghost began to illustrate something for me. Looking again in Luke 15 and the son's return home; I imagine (if the story continued & he wanted to have a real father - son relationship) that he didnt simply wake up the next day and everything was perfect. He may have had to have had some serious and difficult conversations with his father, filled with repentance but also honest and vulnerable moments where his heart would have been uncovered. Questions would have been asked. A level of affirming and reassuring would have taken place. He may have had to deal with negative emotions and memories accumulated in his time away from his father. He would have dealt with criticism from his brother. He would have had to learn obedience, laying aside his desires, his will and way of doing things. He would have had to submit to his father's authority - much like the stories we hear of uni students having to return to their parents' house after living at uni! It would have been a slow and uncomfortable re-adjustment.

I believe that's a good illustration of how the transition can be. Once we're home there is so much baggage to be dealt with. We can struggle to connect with God and seek Him diligently. We can struggle to fully let go of the past and move forward. It's so important though that we don't stay stuck inbetween the old and new, as that can become another kind of bondage.

A few things to think about if you're desiring to move forward;

Surrender - Are you willing to surrender your ideal plan in exchange for His divine purpose? Are you willing to align your life with His will despite your conflicting emotions, worries & fears? Are you willing to be led by His Spirit and not your own mind, will and emotions?

Obedience - Are you willing to say Yes to God when He asks you to do something hard? Will you seperate yourself from the things that first seperated you from Him? Remember, God is a gentleman and He won't violate our free will. He will not snatch something from you, He can only take what you are letting go of.

Transparency - Are you willing to be completely honest with God? About your desires, your broken heart, the things you don't hate enough to let go of and even your thoughts of Him? Transparency with Him opens the door to healing, greater intimacy and being able to see from His perspective.

The Good Fight - Are you willing to fight for your faith? Are you willing to apply the Word of God to your life to see change? Do you want to fulfil your destiny in Christ? The enemy isn't going to let you get up and walk away without a fight, without the temptation to give up, go back or simply stay put. As much as the Holy Ghost draws us to God, we must choose to respond every time. We must choose to seek Him, seek healing and seek to walk in the good plans He has prepared for us since the beginning.

Being Proved - This means that God will put you through some tests in order to prove your faith is genuine. Are you willing to endure the tests and trials? Are you willing to lay down your life so that in Christ you can find it? Will you respond to the Father's voice above every other? Being more than conquerors must mean that we also have conquered and overcome through His power working in us.

You may be thinking that you can't do all these things, but God doesn't need your ability. He needs your willingness. If you are willing to keep on saying yes to each step forward with Him, He will do the work.


Father I want to continue the journey with You, to become wholly Yours and walk in freedom, wholeness and purpose. Put in me a desire for You and the things You have planned for me. Fill me with Your Spirit that I might have the power to walk in obedience to You. Purify my heart and motives and give the the grace to endure to the end. I want to fulfil my destiny, and walk with You as your trusted friend and son. Help me to overcome! In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Scripture Reflection:

Hebrews 12:1-11

1 Timothy 6:12

I Thessalonians 5:23-24

John 5:6-9

Praying this post has been a blessing to you Xx


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