• Nicole Dennis

Raising Queens

We often use the term 'queen' as a fond or cultural compliment, but there is a queen movement on the rise in the body of Christ. It is a movement that teaches self-empowerment and self-worth and is often accompanied with scriptures. This movement in itself though, is very much a new age thing. When we look throughout scripture, the message of the Gospel and the ways and principles of God have nothing to do with 'queendom'.

Let's get some understanding on why this movement is deceptive for Christ's followers & should have no place in our doctrine.

1) We find our worth at the cross, and our empowerment from the Holy Ghost (Eph 3:16).

If we are going to be a set-apart people, then 100% of our lives need to be surrendered, found & satisfied in Christ. The Cross is where we find our worth, and as Christ's story continued our worth is only further confirmed. He died to restore us back into relationship with the Father, He then sent the Comforter to live in us. He LOVES us so much He makes His home IN us!! He then chooses to use us to partner with Him in His Kingdom assignment, despite all our worries, faults and failures. What more could we possibly ask for? What could add to the worth we find in those truths?

*When we measure our worth against 'self' we will be up and down with the wind. Earthly things are fleeting*

2) Christ is the culture of the Kingdom; if we don't find it in Him, we shouldn't find it in us.

Jesus is our standard and model for life. He is a High Priest (Heb 3:1), and a King (Rev 17:14). We as His people have been predestined to be conformed into His image (Rom 8:29).

*We call Jesus the King of Kings, meaning there must be other kings in His kingdom! We are those kings too! We are a royal priesthood! (2 Peter 2:9)*

[Of course in the kingdom we enjoy one another's culture - food, music etc, but cultural traditions & mindsets must not hold us bound. Christ is the culture of the Kingdom]

3) When queen becomes our identity, we lose the authority & inheritance held within our true identity.

Spiritually speaking, we render ourselves completely powerless when we live out of any false identity. If we think we are queens when we are meant to be sons (John 1:12 kjv); kings and priests unto God (Rev 1:6), then we cannot 'decree and declare' anything in line with God's Will. We have no authority or mark in the spirit realm by which we are recognised. Let's see this demonstrated in the book of Esther (please read if you haven't before);

Esther was a queen and of Jewish heritage. A man called Haman had convinced the king to agree to the destruction of the Jewish people and so the decree went out. (Esther 3:8)

Esther being queen had no direct power over this. She could not simply command that the decree be invalidated somehow, because she had no authority to do so. She had to have the king's intervention in order to save her people and we see this pan out in chapters 5 to 7.

This biblical event shows where the true authority lies. The enemy would love to trick us into thinking that as queens we are in a position of high standing that commands authority, but it is merely his counterfeit of what Gods is doing in this hour.

God is raising sons, those who have found their life in Christ and position in His body. Those walking out the kingship and priesthood anointing over their lives. Those seeking to reject what is contrary to the Word, Will & Way of the Father and walk in absolute Truth. As believers we must choose which path we are on, and as leaders in the body we must choose whose assignment we take on. We are either raising sons, or raising queens. We cannot do both.

Please consider the scriptures below in closing;

Ephesians 4:11-15

Romans 12:2

Ephesians 1 & 2

Matthew 18:16

1 Timothy 4:16

James 3:1

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