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Loving your now

There are some moments where we realise, we aren't living the life we had planned for ourselves, and we either love that fact or hate it! And if we hate it that often gives way to discontentment, ungratefulness and the bitterness that is born in deep disappointment. Permit me to remind you of a few things, as you navigate your way to truly enjoying your 'now'.

Now is necessary, but now is not your forever

Seasons change! Circumstances will change. You will grow and mature, you will heal, you will be able to have joy no matter what circumstances surround you. Don't let difficult seasons uproot you. Surely a seed that falls into the ground and dies will sprout and bear fruit if it remains planted. Endure your now whilst choosing to see and enjoy the good.

Fulfilment is found in Christ alone

Nothing created will ever have the capacity to satisfy your soul. It may not seem like that on a day to day, but it's OK to remind yourself out loud, that true fulfilment can only come from the One who created you. Knowing Him and who you are in Him brings contentment.

Your Comforter is close

The Holy Ghost is not called the Comforter for nothing! But if you don't exercise your friendship with Him then how can He comfort you?! Give Him your burdens, your frustrations and everything else in-between, and let Him lead your soul to rest.

He's a good, good Father

Whatever you did have planned completely pales in comparison to what God has planned for you! And though His Way may not be the easiest, you can trust that it's the best. You can trust that His plans and motives are good, and not only are they good but He will use everything in your now for your good - preparing you for what He has planned. Trust Him!

The future is good, but it's not hardship free!

I'm learning that our life seasons pretty much repeat themselves the way the weather does. There will always be a spring season - full of new and exciting things, a summer for working hard, an autumn for reaping and a winter of cold trials. So there will always be challenges for us to face and things we'd rather change. That doesn't mean we have to be up and down with the season. Be thankful for all that God has and is doing, right in this moment. Choose Joy.


John 14:16-21

Isaiah 55:1-12

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