• Nicole Dennis

Preparation: When it feels like it's taking forever...

Welcome back! Praying you've had a blessed start to 2018. With all the excitement of this new year & season we share this encouragement for those in a place of preparation; learning, sowing, building or being built up by the Lord. The process may seem never-ending at times but take heart and remember...

Preparation qualifies

We've often heard it said that God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called. But how does He qualify us? I believe the qualification is in the preparation. He prepares us by developing in us His quality of character, building our capacity for faithful stewardship, and deepening our walk with Him. Without this preparation He cannot trust us with all that He has in mind.

Preparation is tailored to you

Although Abba always works by the same principles, your journey is unique to you. The way Abba works with your personality cannot be measured against anyone else's. The timing of your life, the plans He has, the path He has laid out - all incomparable. Focus on your walk with Him.

Preparation is seasonal yet cyclical

This season you're in of being prepared for (X) will soon come to an end. You will reach the expected end Abba has prepared if you endure. Yet once you do reach that end, you'll enter another season of preparation. For example a newly engaged couple are preparing for marriage, but will soon be married and preparing for parenthood. The cycle goes on...

Preparation brings Him Glory

Our hearts need to be in a place where our desire is to please the Father by doing His Will. The bigger picture is about His Will being done, His Kingdom being built. In all of our brokenness we can desire to be seen, known and heard by the masses. Yet the Glory is Abba's alone, our lives can only be a testament to His Goodness. Preparation allows for our hearts to be purified, and to know Abba in a way that fills the voids and deals with those desires for validation, glory etc.

Do not lose heart in this season of preparation. Set your eyes on Christ and press forward keeping your focus on Him, learning and applying the lessons He is teaching you. Rest in His Love and know that He is not slow, unable or unwilling in keeping His promise, but we must be the prepared vessels He desires us to be. And, since we cannot skip the preparation, we may as well seek to enjoy it - enjoy Him in the midst of it all!

May your 2018 be full of the knowledge of His Love... that your roots would grow deeper in Him, your faith stronger, your hope steadfast, and your joy ever increasing!

Rejoice evermore ~ Pray without ceasing ~ In everything give thanks

- 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

In His Love Xx


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