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3 Mindsets to leave in 2019

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Hey guys,

I wasn’t planning to write today but I just felt led to add a few points to this week’s podcast where I shared about letting go of the pain and regrets of the past. I believe we not only need to let go of pain, but of the mindsets that cause us to live and relive our pain over and over again.

One of those mindsets is comparison. We need to keep our eyes fixed on Christ and the things He requires of us in this season. To compare is to get side-tracked, to compare means you are looking to the left and the right, questioning God’s plan and path for you. It is foolish to compare because Abba makes no mistakes in how He created us and what He has given us in terms of gifting, calling, friends, family etc.

May we rest in our identity in Him; receiving all He says about us and enjoying the unique details of our individual life in Him.

Another mindset is that of self-pity. I actually sat yesterday and cried a little over a particular situation. “Abba this is just such a sad story” I was looking from my own perspective and expectation of what I thought this situation should look like. Abba answered, “But Nicole I’ve already fixed it”. He shifted my perspective to the personal solution He has placed in my life – and the universal solution available to all – Christ Jesus. His death on the cross was not in vain guys – it is the gateway to living a life not free from pain – but freed from pain, trauma, dysfunction and the like. We must trust that God is faithful to heal, restore and perfect all that concerns us.

Self – pity keeps us in a state of powerlessness. It's like like crying over spilt milk whilst having access to a land flowing with milk and honey. Though we face difficult and painful situations; learning to process our pain with God and then push forward is important. Every problem we face already has a solution (Christ) – we need only seek the Lord. We don’t have to live as victims – we are victorious in Him.

The final mindset I believe we really need to move away from is that of ingratitude. It is waaayyyy too easy to complain about life – people, circumstances and things not working out the way we hoped. But honestly, as a parent myself I understand how delightful a grateful heart is. I believe Abba delights so much in our thankfulness – The bible says He is enthroned on the praises of His people. He already gave us His everything in sending Jesus to redeem us at the cross. Everything we receive now is a complete bonus of belonging to Him. We ARE BLESSED guys. To be awakened each day, to have the opportunity to get to know God whilst He may be found, to help others get to know Him, to live with His Peace, His Joy, not having to be pulled to and fro by the waves of the world – we are blessed. Let us enter 2020 and continue into the year with an attitude of praise and thanksgiving. I don’t know about you but I know the Lord has been good to me. So so good. Let’s daily thank Him for His many blessings – and the greatest gift of His Presence in our lives.

Abba may Your presence in our lives increase in such a way that we are secured in and overflowing with Your Love. Give us a heart to seek You like never before.

Life on this side of eternity is too short to live miserably guys. Let’s choose to enjoy that which God has given to us. If you’re still carrying the pain from the past – are you willing to lay that at His feet today? We can’t receive what God has for us in this new season whilst clinging to all that is old and dead. If you’re stuck on how deeply people have hurt you, or maybe how disappointed you are with yourself – can you look to the cross today and all that Jesus endured for you - and all those that hurt you? Are you willing to release it all to Him?

I pray a breaking of each of these mindsets if any resonate with you. That even as you have read this post Abba has broken the power of comparison, self-pity and ingratitude off of your life and mine. That we seek Him like never before, that we are filled with His Joy like never before, that His Peace reigns in our heart like never before, and we continue to stand on Christ the rock, come what may, in this new year 2020. In Jesus’ Name. Amen


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